OT: World Trade crash...

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Wed Sep 12 02:30:01 2001

Such a shock. I watched coverage most of the morning, then had to get away
from it and went to talk with some local fellow computer junk junkies.
Damn, people are angry, angry like I remember during the hostage crisis in
Iran. This is such an evil insane attack. Once the source is known, they
will surely suffer as they never imagined possible, and their cause be
trampled into bloody mud.

The innocent will suffer, we will suffer, the whole world will be damaged
by this.

I am SURE I heard on the radio in the last week some bit about heightened
security risk over the next 10 days. Intelligence knew something was

Very sadly I suspect this type of attack to be repeated soon. It was simply
too easy and too effective, for other organizations not to try it again. If
I understand what happened, someone smuggled a knife like object on to the
plane, stabbed flight attendants and forced people to the back then told
the pilot to fly to some airport near the target. Once the plane was within
visual range of the target the pilot was removed, and the nutball just
drives the plane into the building.

What kind of security is going to protect against that kind of attack? I
have a knife like object I use to open my mail, its called a CIA Letter
opener, made of glass reinforced nylon it has no xray image, yet is strong
enough to be pounded thru 5/8" plywood without breaking.

Obviously much of what allowed this to happen was that it was the first
time, and people thought they were being hijacked by some nut. My guess is
that the forth plane was flown into the ground because the pilot knew about
one of the earlier flights.

Anyone else think this has a REAL good chance of tanking the world economy?
Especially if more terrorist acts follow? Thats when war starts looking
very likely.
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