OT: World Trade crash...

From: Carlos Murillo <cmurillo_at_emtelsa.multi.net.co>
Date: Wed Sep 12 07:07:27 2001

At 12:30 AM 9/12/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Anyone else think this has a REAL good chance of tanking the world economy?
>Especially if more terrorist acts follow? Thats when war starts looking
>very likely.

Big slowdown. But not tanking it. I think that some bubbles
will burst (i.e., stuff that isn't there now but which
investors thought that would be there in the future). But this
did not affect any key, real production resource. And the US dollar
is not in much danger either. So we're just facing a big "correction".

As for the recurrence of such attacks, I think that it is unlikely.
The lax security at most US airports will experience a
quantum leap tomorrow. But expect extremely long delays.


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