OT: World Trade crash...

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Wed Sep 12 09:13:38 2001

Unfortunately, I think you're mistaken here, Bill. The typical American of
today hasn't the courage to risk his life as an individual, even if it means
being slaughtered as part of a group. That same American hasn't the courage to
call the cops if he sees someone breaking into his neighbor's house or car,
because he fears being singled out as an honest individual, rather than part of
the corrupt masses.


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> Mike Ford [mikeford_at_socal.rr.com] wrote:
> > Very sadly I suspect this type of attack to be
> > repeated soon. It was simply too easy and too
> > effective, for other organizations not to try
> > it again.
> I doubt that. As a matter of fact, I think that
> most airline hijacking will cease to be effective.
> I think that, after this, any able bodied person
> on a hijacked plane will resist with their life.
> I know that I would, rather than die as part of
> an instrument used to kill many more.
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