OT: World Trade crash...

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Date: Wed Sep 12 09:58:58 2001

I have to say that I agree with the original
part of this - I have been discussing this
with my colleagues and I know for a FACT (and
yeah its a lot easier to say this when you're
not involved) that I would definately take
the risk... the chances are you're gonna die
anyway. If the plane was on the ground or
part of a "hostage scenario" thats different
but I am surprised not one person would have
tried anything. But who knows... perhaps they

Just my thoughts.

> Unfortunately, I think you're mistaken here, Bill. The typical American of
> today hasn't the courage to risk his life as an individual, even if it means
> being slaughtered as part of a group. That same American hasn't the courage to
> call the cops if he sees someone breaking into his neighbor's house or car,
> because he fears being singled out as an honest individual, rather than part of
> the corrupt masses.
> Dick
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> > > Very sadly I suspect this type of attack to be
> > > repeated soon. It was simply too easy and too
> > > effective, for other organizations not to try
> > > it again.
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> > I doubt that. As a matter of fact, I think that
> > most airline hijacking will cease to be effective.
> > I think that, after this, any able bodied person
> > on a hijacked plane will resist with their life.
> > I know that I would, rather than die as part of
> > an instrument used to kill many more.
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