OT: World Trade crash...

From: Jim Arnott <jrasite_at_eoni.com>
Date: Wed Sep 12 10:59:06 2001

Latest news reports that three passengers on the flight that ended up in
Pennsylvania mentioned "doing something" about the situation. Might be
why it ended up a smoking hole in a rural area rather than at its
undetermined destination. (News says Camp David, I believe that the
White House/Congress a more likely target.)


marino13_at_btopenworld.com wrote:
> I have to say that I agree with the original
> part of this - I have been discussing this
> with my colleagues and I know for a FACT (and
> yeah its a lot easier to say this when you're
> not involved) that I would definately take
> the risk... the chances are you're gonna die
> anyway. If the plane was on the ground or
> part of a "hostage scenario" thats different
> but I am surprised not one person would have
> tried anything. But who knows... perhaps they
> did.
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