World Trade -- Acknowledgement

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Wed Sep 12 15:09:53 2001

I wouldn't be so quick to bind the stupid, right-wing religious factions to the
stupid, right-wing militia movement. The two have no particular regard for one
another, though there may be considerable overlap. What they have in common is
the low ratio of grey-cells per capita, and they feed on one another's lack of
insight. Though I'm acquainted with quite a number of active evangelical
Christians, I know nobody willing to acknowledge affiliation with the "religious
right" wing. I also am, through my former involvement in shooting sports,
acquainted with a number of weapons (gun-ownership-rights) activists, and none
of them will admit to being, or knowing other who are, of the "religious right"
wing. While we've recognized that they can't all be as dumb as they seem, it's
odd that the religious right is always represented by some spokesman of not much
more than room-temperature IQ.

Pulling off a terrorist act such as what happened yesterday is not rocket
science, though there are a number of details that have to be managed. However,
buying knives isn't difficult, even if it's done over the web. Ordering plane
tickets can be done that way also, as can reserving a car or two. Fortunately,
with the aid of appropriate subpoenas, the law enforcement guys will have all
the details in a few days. None of this stuff takes tons of money. I doubt
that the whole operation cost the instigators/funders more than $50K.

That Bin Laden thing of deny, deny, deny, never admitting, let alone claiming,
responsibility for an attack is what's likely to cost him his support within the
cultural base on which he relies. He buys the loyalties of poor, muslims by
donating money to the families of suicide bombers and soldiers killed in actions
against the Israelis and Americans. Faced with the potential punishment to be
meted out by the Western powers once the originator of this most recent attack
is discovered, they won't continue to be loyal followers. Once he's without
that low-level support, he's done.

Meanwhile, once presented with incontrovertible evidence that Bin Laden is, in
fact, responsible for a terrorist act on this scale, I doubt the Taliban will be
anxious to continue offering him aid and comfort, fearing the wrath of those who
disapprove of such acts. They will endeavor to gain favor with the West by
giving him up, as their only other option will be to suffer a terrible
punishment. Though it's easily possible, and possibly warranted, it's not
likely the U.S. will have to reduce the entirety of Afghanistan to a lifeless
cinder, just to get this guy. There's a civil war going on there right now, and
who ends up with the upper hand is still a question. If the West becomes
involved in any way, particularly in supporting one side or the other, it could
go very badly for Bin Laden.

I think the die is cast where Bin Laden is concerned. The gov is determined to
"get" him, and that's what they'll likely do. I just hope it's really he who is
determined later to have been the one responsible for this attack, for which he
seems to be getting the blame. If that's the case, no punishment will be severe


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> Osama Bin Laden NEVER acknowledged any participation in any
> terrorist activity. He always declared terrorism towards US, Israel and the
> Western Allies as a supurb magnificent achievement and that Allah
> -praise be upon his great name- will most certainly reward the marters
> who couragiously offered their lives with a single ticket to heaven.
> Heaven, being the place where they will subsequently fuck all the
> heavenly females till their heads come off, this to be repeated until
> eternity.
> Osama, the clever rat that he is will NEVER aid his enemies by simply
> acknowledging a terrorist deed. He will only plan, finance and execute
> them and will leave everybody else in the dark by speaking in religious
> mumbo jumbo and strong religious praise of those who execute the
> dirty work.
> After all, the US might NUKE the Afghan valley that he hides in.
> Russia would in all likelyhood protest only mildly, they stilll have some
> unfinished business over there.
> Acknowlegement of terrorist deeds is a boastfull but pointless thing to
> do, best left to amateur terrorists!
> Some incapable terrorist faction will ultimately do the boasting but that's
> not to say that they really did execute it.
> For now there is no real proof of who executed this tragedy, so I could
> also put the blame with the extreme religious rightwing factions of the
> US. aka a few new Timothy McVeighs. But there are a few indications
> that this will not be the case:
> 1) They would at least have choosen the UN-building
> 2) Xian marters go to a boring heaven with no sex whatsoever.
> 3) You will never see more than a couple of them with the same plan.
> Sipke de Wal
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> > While it's not ruled out that this is a middle-eastern style act, it's just
> > likely it's a homeboy act. Don's assertion that our home-grown terrorists
> don't
> > as easily give up their own lives as do the middle-eastern or Asian types is
> > quite correct. However, the middle-eastern model involves boastful claims
> > responsibility, without which the act is meaningless in the context of their
> > struggle.
> >
> > The only middle-eastern group that's done "big" things like this,
> incorporating
> > suicide, in recent years has been the one associated with Usama bin Ladin,
> > whatever his name is, and they've been unacompanied by claims of "we did it"
> in
> > the past. That's why everyone involved seems to like this guy for the role
> > #1 suspect, and tat's why we should not rush to judgment. It could turn out
> > that the WTC attacks were done by anti-globalization fanatics from
> > God-knows-where, while the Pentagon attack was done by someone unrelated.
> > just don't have facts.
> >
> > Dick
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> > > On Tue, 11 Sep 2001, Chad Fernandez wrote:
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> > >
> > > > I wonder if this is foreign or more of the McViegh homeboys?
> > >
> > > Obviously foreign. `McVeigh homeboys' are not inclined to offer up
> > > their own lives in such efforts as are the `foreignboys'.
> > >
> > > - don
> > > > Chad
> > > >
> > > > wrote:
> > > > > For those of you with friends and loved ones in these areas my heart
> > > > > prayers are with you. At 10:40am here on the east coast there have
> been
> > 4
> > > > > attacks so far. The world trade center twice, the pentagon, and the
> state
> > > > > dept bldg in washington.
> > > > >
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