Terrorism and gov't action

From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_bg-tc-ppp1657.monmouth.com>
Date: Wed Sep 12 17:03:38 2001

 Richard Erlacher wrote:

> I think the die is cast where Bin Laden is concerned. The gov is determined to
> "get" him, and that's what they'll likely do. I just hope it's really he who is
> determined later to have been the one responsible for this attack, for which he
> seems to be getting the blame. If that's the case, no punishment will be severe
> enough.
> Dick

Anyone else think the Congress and CIA promise not to eliminate any leaders
via covert action (after the Castro revelations in the '70's) is
probabily becoming a liability causing this country not to do more in in
this area.

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