OT- Re: World Trade Crash and a bit about computers

From: Jeffrey Ingber <jhingber_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Wed Sep 12 16:17:35 2001

As a citizen of the United States, I stand behind, and fully support our
leaders in this time of crisis. No matter how hard you try to spin
this, this sensless act of destruction was *wrong*. There is no way you
can justify this act - no matter who we may have "pissed off".

You piss me off. But you may forget what makes this country great - and
It's your right to voice your opinion. And I will gladly give my life
to defend your right to say it.

Jeffrey H. Ingber (jhingber _at_ ix.netcom.com)

On Wed, 2001-09-12 at 16:42, Sellam Ismail wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, Gordon Zaft wrote:
> > I agree with much of what you say, but along the same line of
> > thought, no matter how 'nice' we are to others there will always be
> > some who hate us, regardless of what we try to do. Being 'nice' and
> > 'friendly' is not a solution to this problem (which doesn't mean we
> > should or shouldn't do that).
> That is bullshit rhetoric. Political "leaders" came out in full force
> with that garbage last night to throw attention away from their
> ineptitude.
> The US is (or was) an open, free and prosperous society (or at least is
> supposed to be) that many people around the world dream of coming to, and
> this country was founded in part on the principle of accepting those
> people.
> No, I don't buy that people hate us just because we are an open, free and
> prosperous nation. We have pissed people off around the world because of
> our actions over the past half-century.
> If you believe otherwise then you're in denial.
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