From: Jeffrey Ingber <jhingber_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Wed Sep 12 16:31:28 2001

Have you ever been amongst a group a friends, engaged in discussion?
Maybe you were talking about computers, sports, etc., and the discussion
begins to take another direction. The talk about computers may move
into classic computers, minicomputers, programming languages, software
design - you get the idea. The mailing list is a vehicle by which
people share their common interestes.

Right now, we have deviated from the topic of the mailing list. And
this will inevidibly happen again. If people disagree, that's the
nature of [intelligent] discussion. Politics, like computers, is an
element of society which directly effects the lives of eveyone who
patronize the list.

The mailing list has created a tight social circle, and people will
inevitably discuss the issues which are in the forefront of their
lives. I salute you for operating the mailing list as you are
performing a service for all its members. However, I think some
sensitiviy and leverage may be appropriate given the circumstances. The
US has faced inarguably, the worst tragedy whithin it's history and
thousands of lives we're lost yesterday.

Jeffrey H. Ingber (jhingber _at_ ix.netcom.com)

On Wed, 2001-09-12 at 17:08, Jay West wrote:
> 1) My apologies for the HTML. I was under the impression that it was turned
> off on my desktop at work, it is definitely turned off on my system at home
> (which is where I PREFER to deal with classiccmp issues). Since the daily
> care and feeding of this list eats into my time at work (yeah, you're most
> welcome Jeffrey), if I have to respond to something related to it at work I
> would really prefer it if you'd just thank me for hosting this list and
> suffer the very rare HTML indulgence of me posting from work. Unless you
> would like to offer your services to host the list...but be prepared, I can
> assure you its a pretty thankless job.
> 2) I really don't care if I'm in the minority or not. But more to the point,
> this whole thread has already turned into political discussion and the
> flames are starting. For example, see Sellam's recent email. I didn't
> complain at first, but now that the discussion is decidedly turning into
> political flaming again, I'm going to respond. Live with it.
> 3) From the flood of messages I got last time the discussion turned to
> politics asking me to do something about it, I suggest you re-evaluate just
> who is in the minority.
> Nuff Said
> Jay West
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> Thanks for the HTML.
> Right now, it would seem that you are in the minority - as most people
> seem to have more pressing issues than Classic Computers.
> Jeffrey H. Ingber (jhingber _at_ ix.netcom.com)

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