Classic Computers vs. Classic Computing

From: George Currie <>
Date: Thu Sep 13 15:29:50 2001

>> change would be that discussions about the eumlators and simulators
>> would no longer be OT unless they drift into details of programming
>> the emu/simulators themselves. Additionally, more detailed discussions
>Why the last exclusion? I've never heard of a discussion on how to
>diagnose hardware faults using modern test equipment being branded as
>off-topic. Nor using modern parts to repair old machines. Nor using
>modern machines as an aid to restoring/preserving old hardware. Why
>should writing emulators be any different.

Even more to the point, chances are extremely good that the emulator will be written in a language that is _on_ topic (e.g. c, c++, x86 assembler, 68K assembler, etc). I think however that we can all agree that any discussions about _anything_ written in c# is OT ;)

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