Incompatible Timesharing System (ITS) Starter Kit Available

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Thu Sep 13 15:29:12 2001

Calling all ten-heads...

Thanks to the efforts of many people for preserving the ITS
operating system, and to the more recent efforts by Mirian
Crzig Lennox in creating an ITS starter kit, interested
parties can now run ITS on Bob Supnik's SIMH PDP-10 sim.

You'll find Mirian's ITS starter kit at:

Of course, you'll need Bob's simulator; you can check out
Zane Healy's emulators page, or pick up a copy at:

Additionally, Mirian has also created a mailing list:

"To subscribe, send an empty e-mail with "subscribe" in the subject to
<>. The list address itself is
<>. You must be subscribed to the list in order
to post, to prevent spam (but the list is not archived on the web, so
you don't need to worry about spam-bots. If I ever do archive the list
on-line, I will munge all e-mail addresses to thwart the spam-bots.)"

Mirian is providing only the OS for now, but expects to have MIDAS
(the ITS assembler), TECO, and of course, EMACS up soon.

Everyone is asking about MACLISP; anyone have a copy?

-doug quebbeman
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