Has anyone heard from Bennet (dec.parts_at_verizon.net)?

From: David Woyciesjes <DAW_at_yalepress3.unipress.yale.edu>
Date: Fri Sep 14 09:25:46 2001

        Bennet's okay. He was just busy with other stuff, because of
Tuesday. He sent this message to me...

"...A lot of things went on hold due
to the WTC attack...

...My brother-in-law was our only person in NYC, and
while close enough to see the WTC, he was far
enough away to have been in no immediate danger,
though he had a time getting out of the city and
home that day. I checked into taking my 10,000 lb.
GVWR Ford Dually and 12,000 lb. GVWR 16' Beavertail
Flatbed up to NYC for vehicle and debris removal,
but alas, we don't have the funding to support that
operation, and would have required corporate
sponsorship. So it probably can't happen.



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! The last email I had from him was just before 8:00AM on Tuesday.
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