Solomon Splitting the list... (was: Classic Computers vs. Classic Computing

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Fri Sep 14 10:02:41 2001

Rumor has it that Tony Duell may have mentioned these words:
>> I dunno about splitting the list. Even my interest is in the
>I considered mentioning splitting the list (presumably into hardware and
>software aspects) while writing one of my earlier posts in this thread. I
>didn't actually mention it in the end.
>If the list was ever split (and I hope it's not), then I can assure you
>I'd read both (or all) parts.
>> hardware side, like Tony, I'm sure there are many here that go both ways.

IMHO, splitting the list is kinda like King Solomon splitting the baby...
Classic computing can't happen without the hardware (you have to have a
base reference for the emulator), and I think Tony would even agree with me
that classic hardware is perfectly useless without some form of software to
run on it... What's the fun of repairing an old machine (or building a new
add-on -- in my case) if you can't bring it to "life?"

>Becasue something doesn't interest me enough to do it doesn't mean I
>don't want to read something about it. Who knows what interesting tip or
>trick I'll pick up that will be useful to me...

Altho I consider myself primarily a software guy & I've had precious little
"real" experience with hardware, I've learned a *lot* from Tony (in the
past, and also WRT my project) which have greatly influenced the design of
my interface card.

But -- once my card is finished (which it should be by December/January)
what good is it without software? Oooh - I plug it in, the green power LED
turns on... and... nothing. And altho I am (erm... at least was) pretty
darned good at 6809 assembly, I'm sure there's things Tony & others here
could help me with that as well, should I get stuck on something.

Now, if anyone's ever *heard* of a SPDT DIPswitch bank, let alone where I
could find some... otherwise I'll be stuck with jumpers (which is O.K., but
dip switches would look nicer & be harder to lose from the finished
project...) So far, Jameco, JDR Microdevices & B.G. Micro don't list them...

== I'm sure I haven't said this enough, so: "Thanks, Tony!" ==

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