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From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Fri Sep 14 12:10:26 2001

> Now, if anyone's ever *heard* of a SPDT DIPswitch bank, let alone where I
> could find some... otherwise I'll be stuck with jumpers (which is O.K., but
> dip switches would look nicer & be harder to lose from the finished
> project...) So far, Jameco, JDR Microdevices & B.G. Micro don't list them...
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I've never seen SPDT dipswitches in computers.

The closest thing I've seen, I believe, are the dip switches
in Sears Garage Door Openers and the handheld clicker for them.

They've got two positions + and - but a central neutral
position IIRC which makes them kind of SPDT with a neutral position.

Hope this is some help.


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