Need Electronic Soldering help....

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Fri Sep 14 12:25:28 2001

***This is sent to the whole ClaasicCmp list, since others may/will have
166Alpha Multias too...***

Pat ---
        Well, the Multia Heat Death Syndrome (MHDS) is mentioned here... seems to affect only Multias with the 166MHz Alpha processor. It is on
the underside of the board, at the edge closest to the power supply, label
E215. One of my Multias just froze, and won't boot up since. Probably
        Common recommendations for Multias is to replace that chip right
away. Forgot to do that myself :-/ Doh!
        Second is to remove the red thermal resistor from the cooling fan (2
yellow wires), which then allows the fan to run at full speed all the time.
Or just replace the fan with something that has more cfm output.
        Once you've got that covered, you should be all set.
        ---If you put a 2.5" IDE laptop HDD in it, remember that SRM console
cannot see it, and therefore cannot boot a kernel off it. You have to either
boot from a SCSI HDD, or load the kernel off the floppy, which then can see
the IDE HDD and use it. ARC console can boot from either SCSI or IDE.

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! David,
! I wish I could help you (if I was closer, I'd be happy to). But, your
! message caught my attention - could you explain what you mean
! by the "heat
! death chip"? I am guessing you are referring to a chip that
! has a history
! of failure due to overheat, but which one is it? I have a
! Multia that I
! have not done much with just yet; wondering what sorts of
! problems I can
! expect ....
! Thanks,
! --Pat.
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