Why is this so slow?

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Fri Sep 14 17:20:45 2001

Rumor has it that Roger Merchberger may have mentioned these words:
>Rumor has it that David Woyciesjes may have mentioned these words:

>I'll time this one and see what I end up with...

Yea, I'm replying to myself... I must be schizophrenic... :-)

I got busy with customers (at work) so I checked the headers - all of the
Received: headers are undisturbed, so I could figure out a round-trip
time... and the message took 34 minutes.

It sounds like Jay has a 30-minute batch processing interval on the
messages - as to why he might do that, it's probably to conserve bandwidth
and/or CPU time. If he's hosting this at his work, it may be to conserve
resources for a personal endeavor.

*Personally*, I'd like to see a little quicker turnaround (~15-min. or so)
but that's solely MHO, and I have *no* complaints whatsoever for Jay -- as
far as I'm concerned he's gone far above & beyond the call of duty WRT
hosting this list. If I haven't said it enough, here it is again: Thanks,
Jay!!! :-)

If you are seeing a 90+minute turnaround, you might want to check with your
mailserver (I co-own an ISP, so all I have to do is telnet to check
mine...) and see if there's any problems on your end...

Anyway, I HTH,
Roger "Merch" Merchberger   ---   sysadmin, Iceberg Computers
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