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From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Fri Sep 14 17:43:43 2001

> > I've never seen SPDT dipswitches in computers.
> >
> > The closest thing I've seen, I believe, are the dip switches
> > in Sears Garage Door Openers and the handheld clicker for them.
> >
> > They've got two positions + and - but a central neutral
> > position IIRC which makes them kind of SPDT with a neutral position.
> I remember a couple of Holtek (I think) chips for remote control where
> the address inputs were 3-state (pulled high, pulled low, or floating).
> Does said garage door opener use those, I wonder?
> -tony

I'll have to check. I know this was for the Garage Opener code...
It was basically set your own code for the door opener, the remote and
the panel of chicklet switches next to the door.


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