Why is this so slow?

From: no <oliv555_at_arrl.net>
Date: Fri Sep 14 21:07:06 2001

Jeff Hellige wrote:
> >If you are seeing a 90+minute turnaround, you might want to check with your
> >mailserver (I co-own an ISP, so all I have to do is telnet to check
> >mine...) and see if there's any problems on your end...
> The only time I see times that long or longer are when I send
> mail to the list from one of my machines at work. I have Eudora on
> my G3 set up just like I do here at home so that I can still read the
> list when I have a minute but it still uses our Exchange server to
> actually send the email. Since normally my mail is sent from
> Earthlink's server when done at home, this appears to cause a lag
> between the time I send them and they show up on the list. The other
> day it took a number of hours for one to appear that I had sent from
> work.
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My posts have averaged about a 40 min turn-around. Doesn't bother me,
but did have an interesting effect awhile back. I posted a give-away
for some docs to the first respondent and got 2 replies before my
original post came back to me.

 - nick oliviero
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