Anyone want an 11/750 & 11/730 out of New Jersey?

From: Brian Hechinger <>
Date: Fri Sep 14 21:05:16 2001

> Dave, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Did I mess that
> up? Brian made it sound like he can pick up but he wasn't
> particularly wanting any of them. That's what I understood.

ok, to get things 100% stright. i was indeed interested in the VAX
hardware and was offering to pick up the HP if that was needed of me.

> Also he didn't drop your name. If history tells us otherwise,

in most cases i speak for dave and myself. we're a collective. :)

> we can fix that. I have no stake in either decision. I'm
> not even sure this whole thing will work out, because I
> still have no word from Kathleen (these days you gotta
> wonder if she's still alive :-(.

i have been in contact with Kathleen and have made arrangements to pick
up the VAXen. i will be going out next week when i get the chance. if
i am to pick up the HP i need to know ASAP so i can grab it while i'm there.

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