Next Megapixel display

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sun Sep 16 12:51:59 2001

 Thanks, guys. I left it in the depressed position for about 3 hrs. and and
Voila ! I looked over and was gratified to see the Next logo on the screen.
 There was some clouding in the center of the screen which gradually
cleared up. I guess something (an aged cap ?) is starting to go or else
a weak solder point that reconnects under heat.
 Boy that display sure makes winblows (not to mention Mac or Amiga for
that matter) look like crap.


> >I have the operating instructions for the model N4006 and starting left
> >to right as you face the screen here are the button descriptions: 1.
> >V-STAT (vertical static convergence) control; 2. H-STAT (horizontal
> >static convergence) control; 3. V-CENT (vertical centering) control; 4.
> >Brightness control; 5. Contrast control; 6. Power switch and indicator.
> >Hope this helps. John
> I think Lawrence is referring to the N4001, which is the 17"
> Color Megapixel. On it, there are only 4 controls on the front of
> the monitor.
> > > On the lower left side of the display is a button with a screen and
> >vertical
> >> line symbol which doesn't appear to be working. What is it's function
> >? I
> >> had imagined it was a screen blanker. Also since I get static
> >discharge on
> > > the screen when I depress the on-off in either position what is the ON
> >> position of the switch. In to the cabinet or protruding from the face.
> >I've
> >> forgotten. I've been avoiding opening up since there's so many other
> >pressing
> >> things to be done and you can't see thru the air-vents to see any
> >life.
> I believe that the left-most button that you describe first
> is a degaussing button. On my N4001 that is what it appears to do
> when the button is depressed. Like most push button switches, the
> power button is recessed slightly when it is in the 'on' position.
> When in 'off' is is protruding slightly from the front of the
> monitor. Obviously, the other two rotary wheels are for brightness
> and contrast, even though this is also controled from the keyboard.
> All of this is verified on my N4001 one as I type this.
> Somehow I missed the original post, which is why I didn't
> respond before.
> Jeff
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