Next Megapixel display

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Sep 16 14:09:58 2001

> Thanks, guys. I left it in the depressed position for about 3 hrs. and and
>Voila ! I looked over and was gratified to see the Next logo on the screen.
> There was some clouding in the center of the screen which gradually
>cleared up. I guess something (an aged cap ?) is starting to go or else
>a weak solder point that reconnects under heat.

        Glad to hear you've gotten it to at least show some signs of
life. I hope you get it figured out.

> Boy that display sure makes winblows (not to mention Mac or Amiga for
>that matter) look like crap.

        My N4001 was manufactured in September 1991 and sits close
enough to my nearly-new NEC Multisync 75 that I can do a direct
comparison between the two. Both are 17" monitors, with the NEC set
at 1024 x 768 in millions of colors at 85Hz. As much as I like NEC
monitors, with only one of my previous VGA/SVGA type monitors being
anything else, I must admit that the N4001 still holds it's own, even
being 10 years old. It's just as clear and sharp as the NEC, though
at 68Hz it's refresh is a little lower though the image is just as
stable. It's colors are also bright. One nice thing about the NEC
over the NeXT monitor is that the NEC doesn't weigh anywhere near as

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