Nec Multisync II monitor

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sun Sep 16 15:03:58 2001

I find that things that I use repeatedly, whether in combination with test
equipment or with computers, seem to perform more satisfactorily if I take the
trouble to fabricate and maintain them, including their packaging, such that I
can adjust my mentality to one of "this is a tool" rather than "this is
something I reubed up" or "this is the product of many compromises" so that I
can focus on what I'm doing without the distraction, cosmetic or otherwise,
associated with the realities of those compromises.

Maybe it's not like that for you, but I really don't enjoy explaining to someone
why a circuit is still just a free-floating wire-wrap board haning on a string
tied to a power supply, even if it's only been used twice in the decade since it
was made, and even if it works perfectly every time.

I'm not a typical "appearance-over-substance" kind of guy, but I do find it
helps with my own shop-made fixtures, etc, that they're pacakged so they can be
used conveniently, and so they don't require any special handling to protect

At a minimum, I'd be inclined to apply the duct-tape from the inside of the
plastic enclosure. Even minor blemishes have their effect, so minimizing it is
certainly worth a LITTLE trouble.


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> >If you get a methyl-methacrylate cement for polycarbonates, etc, and use it
> >patch the gash, then polish it with steel wool (since the plastic's too
> >soft for
> >sanding) you might be able to make the thing look tolerable. I frequently
> >monitors like this to give away along with donated computers, and don't like
> >them to look TOO terrible, hence I've found a few ways to get past some of
> >common cosmetic problems. They are made of remarkably soft plastic that's
> >easy
> >to damage.
> >
> >Dick
> I'm more of a duct tape kinda guy, but thats for items I only will be
> personally using.
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