Nec Multisync II monitor

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sun Sep 16 21:38:35 2001

>I find that things that I use repeatedly, whether in combination with test
>equipment or with computers, seem to perform more satisfactorily if I take the
>trouble to fabricate and maintain them, including their packaging, such that I
>can adjust my mentality to one of "this is a tool" rather than "this is
>something I reubed up" or "this is the product of many compromises" so that I
>can focus on what I'm doing without the distraction, cosmetic or otherwise,
>associated with the realities of those compromises.

Yipes, next you will be telling me you wash your car.

I was in a scrap yard the other day with maybe 75 pallets of monitors, many
I suspect working still, just a bit small/old/etc.. With that sort of
supply, I am not going to spend a lot of time on a old monitor unless it is
special and with a future. This old Nec multisync II will NEVER be in nice
condition. My view is pretty strictly does this opening cause a hazard, if
so apply duct tape or toss.
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