Practical Electronics and D. Bollen

From: Matt London <>
Date: Mon Sep 17 05:30:30 2001


> Hi,
> I'm looking for information about an author (and
> a series of magazine articles he wrote in the early
> 70's concerning analog computers) by the name of
> D. Bollen.
> The articles might have been published in "a popular
> English `do it yourself' electronics magazine called
> something like Practical Electronics".
> Does anyone have a near complete collection of
> Everyday Practical Electronics (EPE) Magazine? Maybe
> the magazine has an author's index. Can anyone think
> of the name another similar magaazine that fits this
> description?

Right. Well my first step would be to email someone at the magazine. EPE
now own/have merged with just about every other popular electronics mag in
the UK apart from maplin's "Electronics". They seem to be a friendly bunch
from the dealings I've had with them.

Going from the front cover of the latest issue (dropped through my door
just a few days ago) their website is
You also might like to try

Hope that's of some help to you :&)

-- Matt

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