Practical Electronics and D. Bollen

From: Doug Coward <>
Date: Fri Sep 21 19:47:47 2001

Matt London wrote:
> Right. Well my first step would be to email someone at the magazine. EPE
> now own/have merged with just about every other popular electronics mag in
> the UK apart from maplin's "Electronics". They seem to be a friendly bunch
> from the dealings I've had with them.
> Going from the front cover of the latest issue (dropped through my door
> just a few days ago) their website is
> You also might like to try

  The bad news is that contacting them didn't answer
any questions, so I've decided to let this little quest
simmer for awhile.

> Sorry but we have no data on PE prior to 1991. I know there was such a
> series but we are unable to provide dates etc.
> --
> Mike Kenward
> Editor
> Everyday Practical Electronics/ETI
> Wimborne Publishing Ltd

 The good news is this episode got me to thinking about
again about obtaining a copy of Doulas Hartree's 1935
article describing the construction of a Differential
Analyzer using Meccano parts. This time I got up the
courage to email the Manchester Literary and Philosophical
Society directly. They were very helpful and they are
copying and sending me the article at no charge.
Doug Coward
_at_ home in Poulsbo, WA

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