Sync on Green Monitors and Others

From: Dan Wright <>
Date: Mon Sep 17 10:05:48 2001

Info from LSI said:
> my multisync Sony's have worked with just about every type system
> I have ever tried them on except my SGI Indy's, and that might be
> because the SGI's 13W3 pin-out might not be compatible with the
> 13W3 to HD15 adapter I use with the Sun's? It's been very

That's correct, the SGIs actually so SOG over the 13W3 connector. I don't
know what the pinout is, but I DO know that the 13W3 to HD15 adapters sold for
Suns don't work with the SGIs...I've got about 8 of those adapters at work and
they only work with our Suns. You can buy the right adapter from Ultra Spec

I've bought a lot of cables and adapters from them for work over the past
couple years; they're kind of expensive, but their stuff is quite good; the
SCSI cables in particular are of very high quality.

- Dan Wright

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