microcoding a PC into a PDP-11 (was: RE: Classic Computers vs. Classic Computing)

From: Tom Owad <owad_at_applefritter.com>
Date: Mon Sep 17 15:37:48 2001

>> >Cool idea -- flash on a DIMM. Has anyone ever heard of such a beast?
>> The Apple Set Top box uses flash SIMM/DIMMs for it's boot
>> code. At least the one I have does. It's a 68pin SIMM with 8 Intel
>> E28F020 flash memory chips (256k x 8).

I think that's just in the earlier prototypes. What you have is probably
like this:


Later prototypes used a Mask ROM:


>By Apple set top box, do you mean the Mac that was black, and had a TV? Or
>do you mean that device that was never released, is Apple branded, and
>plugged into a TV? Or another machine all together? Can you elaborate?

He means 'a never-released device that plugged into a TV', also known as
the "Interactive Television Box". It's based on the LC 475. Info at

I'd be very curious if anybody's managed to get one of these to boot.


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