microcoding a PC into a PDP-11 (was: RE: Classic Computers vs. Classic Computing)

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Mon Sep 17 15:42:09 2001

>By Apple set top box, do you mean the Mac that was black, and had a TV? Or
>do you mean that device that was never released, is Apple branded, and
>plugged into a TV? Or another machine all together? Can you elaborate?

I think he means the black decoder like unit that was never released...
at least his flash DIMM description fits the one that I have. (I just
need a remote for mine, anyone have one?)

Now if I can just find a MacTV (the first thing you mentioned) or a
Pippin (the Apple/Bandi "Playstation" like thing), I can be a happy


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