HP Cassette Tapes

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Tue Sep 18 12:28:50 2001

Rumor has it that Frank McConnell may have mentioned these words:
>Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org> wrote:
>> I just received about 80 HP Cassette tapes today, and have no idea what
>> these things might be used on or for. They appear to be about DC-100
>> size and have names such as "64850-10005 Z8 asm/lnk", "64815-10002 68000
>> Pascal Compiler", "64816-10005 Z8001/2 Pascal Compiler", "Z80 Emul/Asm",
>> etc. Anyone have any idea of what machine these things might be used on?
>HP 64000 cross-development system. Some used DC100 tapes as
>distribution media, others used 5.25" floppies.

Holey-Macaroni! I *have* a HP64000 w/a tape drive, but no means to boot the
sucker... (it booted off of another HP64000 thru it's own network) and it
has the 6800 emulation board (amongst other things) in it.

Someday I hope to have the machine fully working... If those tapes ever
need a home, keep me in mind!

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