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From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Wed Sep 19 18:21:58 2001

> > Actually that rack contains two VAX 4000/700As.
> Ahhhh! I get jealous reading that. The 4k VAXen are quite nice and the
> 700A has around 33VUPs. My best VAXen are a 4k400 and a VS4k90.

The VAXstation 4000/90 is a 42 VUP system and the VAX 4000/400 is a
16 VUP system, so you aren't doing too bad. I seem to recall the
VAX 4000/700A is about 40 VUPs and the /705A is about 45-50 VUPs.

> > That thing that looks
> > like a BA215 is actually an external DSSI cabinet full of disks.
> Ahh, I know that. I got such a thing with my MV4k200...
> > I now have craploads of 2 GB DSSI disks.
> I know people that would kill for 2GB DSSI disks (and a KFQSA). ;-)

I would rather go with a QBUS SCSI or HSDxx controller. Once I find
one I"ll get rid of my DSSI disks.
Eric Dittman
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