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Date: Wed Sep 19 19:23:25 2001

On 19 Sep, Eric Dittman wrote:

> The VAXstation 4000/90 is a 42 VUP system and the VAX 4000/400 is a
> 16 VUP system, so you aren't doing too bad.
The VS4k9 is around 24 VUPs. It compiles quite exact twice as fast as my
4000/60 that is rated at 12 VUPs. I have seen many confusing ratings for
the VS4k90. It is a nice desktop machine. Especially as mine has 128MB
RAM. But it is a joke to that VAX7650. Damn. I would sell my grandma
for that machine. ;-)

> I would rather go with a QBUS SCSI or HSDxx controller. Once I find
> one I"ll get rid of my DSSI disks.
OK. A QBUS SCSI adapter would be nicer today, but is not "the DEC way"
(C) (R) (TM). ;-)

BTW: My 4k400 boots from a Dilog SQ706A SCSI to MSCP adapter. This is
very convenient. But the 9" 1GB SMD disks in my MV3900 are much more
fun. The whole rack shakes if these disks are moving there heads.
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