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Date: Fri Sep 21 03:06:12 2001

On 20 Sep, Bill Bradford wrote:

> *on* the desktop.
You can put a VAX4000 in a BA440 on a desktop. If the desk can take the
weight, it would be possible to put a 11/750 on it. ;-)

Look at EPay. I am sure there will show up a nice VS4k60 (12VUPs) or
even VS4k90 (24 VUPs, IMHO).

> I've grown out of my "computers bigger than I am" phase
I hope that I will never grow up. ;-)

> - someone picked up the VAX 6000 about a month ago, and the city
> hauled off the empty 4/690MP backplane/blower assembly yesterday during
> "bulky trash week".
Shame on you. ;-)
I know of some people that reused empty cabinet sized computer
enclosures. The VAX-Bar is the most famos. There is somebody in the
Netherlands, that puted a refrigerator in the enclosure of a dead SGI
Challenge. The same was made by some people at a german Sun office for
internal use...
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