Archiving floppies?

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Date: Sat Sep 22 15:44:51 2001

> > I'd just dd(1) them from to a file, gzip them, and save the disk
> >images.
> When I archived my collection of PC 5 1/4s a while back,
> I choose to use .zip archives. Unless the disks have a
> boot sector or are non-FAT, do you really need a disk image?
> On the other hand, I can't help but think some crafty hacker
> must've created a device driver for a PC that'll mount a
> floppy image as if it were an actual floppy.
> - John

Images is best way to transport across many non-compatiable machines
especially w/ bootable disks and certain disks that requires exact

Rawrite and rawread is excellent for the DOS to archive Mac and
bootable disks for most OSes that relies on standard disks for
compatablity. Also dd is other way to create same images. Other
imagers that are found on the 'net are not standard and not
compatiable w/ dd and rawrite stuff.

This is how I did this to create bootable Mac OS disk and also again
when someone sent me a image of a aps installer via email attachment.


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