Archiving floppies?

From: PRICOMU <>
Date: Sat Sep 22 19:45:45 2001

Hi Gordon,

I got a tiny program (jus one 32 KB file) from 1991 written by Christian
Schaaf. One should use it in DOS but normally it also works fine in a
DOS-box from Windows. Unfortunately it?s in German language but I think it?s
quite easy to work with it. Otherwise I would try to translate it for you.
It copies a floppy into one file onto a hard disk saving the disk?s volume
label as well which may be important. You can also save a short description
in the file saved on the hard disk e.g. containing a serial number. As the
program is more than 10 years old I think we don?t have to worry about the
copyright too much. I?ve been searching for a hint how to contact the author
but can?t find anything. A company?s name is not mentioned. If you are
interested in the program, please let me know.



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Subject: Archiving floppies?

> Does anyone have any recommendations on software (preferably free) for
> archiving old DOS floppies? What I'd like to do is to be able to make
> images of all (okay, maybe just 'many') of the old DOS floppies I have so
> that if they disks get trashed or the bits fall off I can remake 'em. I'm
> assuming I'd probably be making these archives from a Windoze box although
> DOS or even FreeBSD or Linux is a possibility.
> Thanks in advance.
> GZ
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