changing Aviion monitor refresh setting

From: salo <>
Date: Sun Sep 23 07:10:45 2001

On Fri, Sep 21, 2001 at 02:55:11PM -0400, r. 'bear' stricklin wrote:
> Yes, it has a Mostek 48T02. I would make a dump of the NVRAM ASAP. I
> didn't get the chance to do this to mine, because mine failed to start at
> all, displaying simply "NVBATLOW" on the serial console, and nothing else
> afterward.

yes, this looks familiar to me :), another AV 4300 i have here:

~> tip cuaa


my AV 530 status:
i took PROM away from mainboard, placed it back there and now everything is
working fine. i did one little test and i figured out that it was placed there
wrong side(!). changes are saved after reboot, i do not need to set up
graphics card frequency anymore.
i got disk with DG/UX from another machine (i think it was from AV 4100) and i
managed it to work booting install kernel in single-user mode and recompiling
generic one:
  b sd(ncsc(),0)root:/dgux.installer -s
  # sysadm...etc.
  # uname -a
  dgux radiator 5.4R3.00 (RADIATOR) generic AViiON mc88100
so now i have working system and waiting for installation media and tons of
documentation (i have to pick up them from former reseller of DG).
now i just need to find some AT keyboard somewhere ;), but that will not be so
big deal..
> I will post a procedure for saving NVRAM contents to this list this
> evening. With luck there will be a few things still left in there, which
> could mean the difference between heartache and happiness when you replace
> the NVRAM.
> I can also give enough information on replacing the NVRAM to get things
> mostly running again, though as I mentioned I am still finding problems
> with missing or uninitialized data in my NVRAM.
i am still interested in these things so just go on.. :)
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