FYI: Proper flag uses per Public Law 93-344

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Mon Sep 24 01:30:54 2001


I am seeing flags all over the place now. I even saw a guy that had one
draped over the hood of his beat up SUV... tucked into the hood sort of,
I think. I don't doubt that he has nothing but the best intentions, but
I realized right away, that his method of display wasn't correct.

I see them taped to car windows, flying off of roll bars on Jeeps and
trucks, etc. Do the laws/rules differentiate between a flag, and the
likeness of a flag? Many that I see aren't really real flags, they may
be extremely cheap versions, or maybe even hand drawn.... are they still
considered flags? (I'm not suggesting any of the above displays are
wrong, and I don't want to be a legalist on this issue, but I still
would like to know more)

I did read the page you posted, but I wonder if the actual legal
language might go more in depth, and possibly you might know more, from
your experience.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Russ Blakeman wrote:
> I posted it because it was the best done site I saw and the fact that all
> sorts of dipsticks out my way (and likely everywhere else) has no idea that
> you aren't supposed to drag it on the ground, light it at night, that there
> are different sized flags for different uses, etc. I'm 45 and had all sorts
> of civics in Chicago in the early 60's through my graduation in 1975 from
> high school and went to carry it all on in my 20 in the AF. I've been part
> of both the law enforcement team that did the base flag and honro guard at
> funerals so I've had more exposure than the average person. I thought with
> all these people that normally couldn't even identify a US flag from a
> Navajo quilt that it might help these people without pointing them out.
> Dave's just got a problem with gov't workers is all.
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