FYI: Proper flag uses per Public Law 93-344

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Mon Sep 24 07:00:17 2001

I'm sure that anything hand made to represent a flag is considered to be a
flag but I think it's just people's ignorance and their desire to be in with
the present fad. Hopefully most of these people will go back to their normal
hide-in-the-house lifestyles watching hours of WWF and lose the thrill of
being like everyone else. I think maybe we ought to drop this thread though
as everyone is still reeling from the previous OT about the NYC/DC attack as
it is and I'm sure that VAX's and PDP's are more of what we should be on for
a while.

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-> Russ,
-> I am seeing flags all over the place now. I even saw a guy that had one
-> draped over the hood of his beat up SUV... tucked into the hood sort of,
-> I think. I don't doubt that he has nothing but the best intentions, but
-> I realized right away, that his method of display wasn't correct.
-> I see them taped to car windows, flying off of roll bars on Jeeps and
-> trucks, etc. Do the laws/rules differentiate between a flag, and the
-> likeness of a flag? Many that I see aren't really real flags, they may
-> be extremely cheap versions, or maybe even hand drawn.... are they still
-> considered flags? (I'm not suggesting any of the above displays are
-> wrong, and I don't want to be a legalist on this issue, but I still
-> would like to know more)
-> I did read the page you posted, but I wonder if the actual legal
-> language might go more in depth, and possibly you might know more, from
-> your experience.
-> Chad Fernandez
-> Michigan, USA
-> Russ Blakeman wrote:
-> >
-> > I posted it because it was the best done site I saw and the
-> fact that all
-> > sorts of dipsticks out my way (and likely everywhere else) has
-> no idea that
-> > you aren't supposed to drag it on the ground, light it at
-> night, that there
-> > are different sized flags for different uses, etc. I'm 45 and
-> had all sorts
-> > of civics in Chicago in the early 60's through my graduation
-> in 1975 from
-> > high school and went to carry it all on in my 20 in the AF.
-> I've been part
-> > of both the law enforcement team that did the base flag and
-> honro guard at
-> > funerals so I've had more exposure than the average person. I
-> thought with
-> > all these people that normally couldn't even identify a US flag from a
-> > Navajo quilt that it might help these people without pointing them out.
-> > Dave's just got a problem with gov't workers is all.
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