Apple II 800K Diskettes?

From: Chris <>
Date: Tue Sep 25 09:02:14 2001

> It will work fine as long as it's an older Mac. Most of your
>PPC based Mac's, especially those running OS 8.6 and newer, have
>trouble with the 400k and 800k formats.

I have had some formating problems on PPC macs and 800k disk. The format
seems to work, but the disk is usually unreadable in an older 800k drive
(1.4mb drives seem ok). Reading and writing to a preformatted 800k disk
has never been a problem. So I either format a disk in an older non PPC
machine, or I also have a blank 800k disk image that I can copy to a
disk, that always seems to work fine (the image was created off a disk
that was formatted on a non PPC mac).

400k is a totally different issue. A: I believe the drives themselves may
be incapable of working with 400k, but more importantly B: starting with
OS 8.0 (I think it was 8.0), MFS file support was dropped. No MFS, no
400k disks. 800k disks use HFS so there isn't a problem there.

Of course, I keep a handy dandy LC kicking around for just this very
issue (the LC connects nicely to my ethernet network, and runs 7.1 so it
will read and write 400, 800, 1.4mb, DOS and ProDOS disks, giving me
access to all of the above on my iMac).


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