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Date: Tue Sep 25 09:38:40 2001


I know a place where they're selling a TANDEM CYCLONE mainframe:

     * Description: Clycone Mainframe Computer Cabinets with
       Himalaya K series Disk drives. Data Files and hard drives
       have been removed.
     * MFG: TANDEM
     * Model: CYCLONE
     * Condition: Used - Good
     * Size: 24x24x50
     * Weight: 700
     * Year of Manufacture: 1993

it's in Kansas City, MO. Starting bid is $50, increment $50,
reserve not yet met :-(. 8 days to go. No, it's not ebay.
Don't bid against each other. I'm not interested myself, neither
in the computer nor in the sale of it. Just thought it may be
a good deal.

Let me know if you're interested.


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