Amiga 3000 problem

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Sep 25 09:58:58 2001

--- Jacob Dahl Pind <> wrote:
> on 19-Sep-01 10:41:29, Willi Kusche wrote:
> >Hi!
> > I'm composing this message on an Amiga 3000 that had its motherboard
> > upgraded from 16 Mhz to 25 Mhz. Ever since the upgrade I occasionally
> > get a video crash that makes the screen unreadable. But, the system
> > keeps running OK.
> Sounds like the two PAL ic on the left side, under any zorro cards you
> may have installed, they have a nasty habit of running hot, and makingen
> the screen unreadable.

I had problems with my PALs there, too. My symptoms were sparklies and
wavy video lines. I tried to burn my own replacements, but I was never
able to get any of mine to work there. Not sure if it was a speed or
vendor problem or not. In the end, I bought a new set from a C= reseller.


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