From: Merle K. Peirce <>
Date: Tue Sep 25 11:56:51 2001

We just manhandled our Keronix upstairs into the mill and have started
working on it. It is in rough shape but largely intact except for a
gaping hole underneath the cpu and above the Diablo drive. Some of the
cards were marked, and these were restored to the cage. The cooling
system runs fine, but cpu power is out. There is a Newport tape
controller card, does anyone know anything about these? Any thoughts
about a the drive? Some card cages at the back suggest it might be
rather short, something like a Dectape.

Also, does anyone know anything about Xerox Diablo hard drives?

M. K. Peirce

Rhode Island Computer Museum, Inc.
Shady Lea, Rhode Island

"Casta est quam nemo rogavit."
              - Ovid
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