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Date: Tue Sep 25 12:48:59 2001


Keronix...? Do you have any .jpgs of it or configuration info? Weren't
Newports similar to Computer Operations [COI] tape drives [like DECtape
I's/LINCtapes]? I recall the name but need to do some searching

Al Kossow might have some Diablo docs scanned. Are these 31's or 44's?

And Carl F. .... here is your next <ping>: <ping>

Bruce Ray

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> We just manhandled our Keronix upstairs into the mill and have started
> working on it. It is in rough shape but largely intact except for a
> gaping hole underneath the cpu and above the Diablo drive. Some of the
> cards were marked, and these were restored to the cage. The cooling
> system runs fine, but cpu power is out. There is a Newport tape
> controller card, does anyone know anything about these? Any thoughts
> about a the drive? Some card cages at the back suggest it might be
> rather short, something like a Dectape.
> Also, does anyone know anything about Xerox Diablo hard drives?
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