Apple II 800K Diskettes?

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Tue Sep 25 17:36:29 2001

Tony Duell skrev:

>AFAIK the Apple 800K disks are the same physically as PC 720K disks (aka
>DD (double density) disks). They have a difference coercivity to HD
>(1.44M disks) and in general it is not reliable to use HD disks as 720K
>(or 800K) ones.

Why do people insist on calling them 720 K disks? There is no such stupid
invention. They're 1 MB disks, not 720 K, not 800 K, not 880 K.
Oh, and there are no 1.44 MB disks either.

>I believe that DD disks are still available (they certainly were in the
>UK when I needed some a couple of months back). It's worth getting the
>right thing. The physical disk is a lot cheaper than your data :-)

Amiga shops should be able to supply them. But they haven't been easy to find
for the last five years or so. MicroWarehouse still features them in their
catalogue, though at a premium.

>I don't know what machine you're intending to write the disk images to
>disk on, but I am almost certain that a PC floppy controller is incapable
>of writing the Apple 800K format (which uses GCR encoding, not MFM as PCs

OTOH, Macs with SuperDrives should do it.

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