RS6000 7012-320H

From: Hans Hübner <hans_at_Huebner.ORG>
Date: Sat Sep 29 11:12:07 2001

On Sat, 29 Sep 2001, Paul Thompson wrote:

> On Fri, 28 Sep 2001, Carlos Murillo wrote:

> > 1) Which OS' (besides some old version of AIX) run on this
> > box? Or, if I am stuck with AIX, in addition to
> > praying that the HD is still alive, how could I
> > break in and change the root password?

> Recent versions of AIX will run, with 64MB and a compatible (or
> non-existent) framebuffer.

The real issue with the 320 is the fact that it is very picky about the CDROM
drives it wants to boot from. I tried quite a few drives with 512 bytes block
size which work with other workstations (even RS/6000's), but I had no luck.
The only drive mine liked to boot from was an original IBM double speed drive
I borrowed from a friend (and sadly, he really wanted to keep it).

To get rid of the root password, you'll need to boot from an external AIX
medium in service mode. Given the CDROM problem, you have the option of
connecting a tape drive (again, it will be hard finding one that works) or
booting from floppy disk. To make suitable boot media, though, you'll need to
have someone with a similar system and OS release create them for you. I
can't, as my 320 is gone for the 39H I now have.

> > 2) What exactly is this "ethernet riser card"? Do I have
> > a network-less system?

> There's probably an ethernet chip on the main board which just needs the
> AUI/BNC logic on the riser card added to work. You should be able to get
> a Microchannel enet card for cheap watching on ebay if you can't find the
> riser.

I don't think that the 320 really supports a Ethernet raiser card. The 340
has such a thing, but I have not seen any supporting hardware in the 320.

If you want to get a MCA Ethernet card, you cannot just use any of the
standard PS/2 cards which are easily available. You will not find any AIX
drivers for these cards. You absolutely need a special RS/6000 MCA Ethernet
card. These are harder to find.

Once you get the machine up and accept your login, it is a pretty neat
machine. Getting it to run can be a real pain, though.

Good luck,

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