RS6000 7012-320H

From: Carlos Murillo <>
Date: Sat Sep 29 12:43:32 2001

At 06:12 PM 9/29/01 +0200, Hans wrote:
>The real issue with the 320 is the fact that it is very picky about the CDROM
>drives it wants to boot from. I tried quite a few drives with 512 bytes
>size which work with other workstations (even RS/6000's), but I had no
>The only drive mine liked to boot from was an original IBM double speed drive
>I borrowed from a friend (and sadly, he really wanted to keep it).

This is a 320H machine; apparently, there are some real differences;
for example, the 320 is 20MHz, the 320H is 25MHz; also, I think that the
320 did not include a scsi card in the default configuration.
This does.

>To get rid of the root password, you'll need to boot from an external AIX
>medium in service mode. Given the CDROM problem, you have the option of
>connecting a tape drive (again, it will be hard finding one that works) or
>booting from floppy disk. To make suitable boot media, though, you'll
need to
>have someone with a similar system and OS release create them for you. I
>can't, as my 320 is gone for the 39H I now have.

Oh. I wonder if a genuine DEC CDROM will work... I have one
for my Vaxstation 4000/60. And I do have the 7208-001 8mm tape
drive for this rs6k.

>I don't think that the 320 really supports a Ethernet raiser card. The 340
>has such a thing, but I have not seen any supporting hardware in the 320.
>If you want to get a MCA Ethernet card, you cannot just use any of the
>standard PS/2 cards which are easily available. You will not find any AIX
>drivers for these cards. You absolutely need a special RS/6000 MCA Ethernet
>card. These are harder to find.
>Once you get the machine up and accept your login, it is a pretty neat
>machine. Getting it to run can be a real pain, though.
>Good luck,

Thanks! looks like I'll need lots of it.

Carlos E. Murillo-Sanchez
Received on Sat Sep 29 2001 - 12:43:32 BST

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