Bad bad DECstation

From: Zach Malone <>
Date: Sat Sep 29 12:34:11 2001

Test 3 is "keyboard and mouse bad", I would suggest hooking up a terminal,
and plugging in a mouse terminator (if you dont have one, connect ports 2
and 4 together with a paper clip), it should boot to console and not hang up
on the mouse and keyboard test. If you just hook up a terminal, it wont
work. I have no clue what the underlying problem is that is causing all
your problems. That help?
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> Our DECstation 3100 has been in a sad state recently. Both the monitor
> old monochrome thing without a stand which was used with the VS2000
> others) and the keyboard (LK201) had given up the gist (the monitor would
> make a flickery sound, without the CRT coming alive, the keyboard didn't
> and the console would blink "??" when it reached test 3).
> I plugged in a Nokia monitor, which worked, if you can live with the green
> picture, and another LK201. That worked for a while, but when I managed to
> boot it (NFS wasn't so cooperative this day), and reached X, the mouse
> stopped moving after a while. I rebooted it, and suddenly this keyboard
> died as well.
> What the hell is going on? Is it possible to save the LK201s? We're
> short of DEC keyboards as it is, and we certainly don't need this.
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