Bad bad DECstation

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Sun Sep 30 19:42:11 2001

Zach Malone skrev:

>Test 3 is "keyboard and mouse bad", I would suggest hooking up a terminal,
>and plugging in a mouse terminator (if you dont have one, connect ports 2
>and 4 together with a paper clip), it should boot to console and not hang up
>on the mouse and keyboard test. If you just hook up a terminal, it wont
>work. I have no clue what the underlying problem is that is causing all
>your problems. That help?

OTOH, the main strength of the DECstation is that it's a graphical
workstation. Running it through a terminal would mean losing the graphics,
and running it then wouldn't make much sense (it might at home, but we've got
enough machines without any proper uses at the UG anyway =).

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