TRW finds, 8" floppies, 68k PC

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sat Sep 29 15:59:44 2001

Today was a pretty good day at the TRW hamfest in LA. I found a few mac
curiosities, and a few items I can pass on to list members or eBay.
Reasonable offers, get treated reasonably.

Boxes of 10 8" floppies
8 sealed silver boxes of Wabash F-131 8" soft sector single side double
density, tested 26 sectors 128 bytes per sector 48 tpi 77 tracks.
1 open box of 11 floppies, same as above, blank labels (or no label) and
tape over the write notch. Box is marked with masking tape, Disks from
Richard 4/29/88 (Richard appears to be a Socal company called Star Fleet
something at the time).
2 boxes of Maxell FD1 single sided, boxes are marked CPM/UG vol 1-50 and
51-92, from Richard 4/29/88.
1 box of Maxell FD1 single sided, box is marked PICO-NET.

Peripheral Technology PT68K-2 from Computer Digest 1987 articles.
This is a single board computer that fits in a XT case, but has a 10 mhz
68000 processor, 32 memory chips (HY53C256LS-80), floppy drive connector on
ribbon cable, header marked winchester, etc. In the orignal box with
manuals (board, humbug monitor, and dos), and floppies for SK DOS (Star K
software with the HUMBUG rom on board), plus about a dozen misc 5.25"
floppies and a comm program on 3.5" floppy. Looks like all the construction
articles (cut) from Computer Digest 1987 by Peter Stark (ie Star K
software), 1 issue of 68 Micro Journal, and a couple other 68k newsletters.
Apparently this is designed towork in a XT case with XT monitor and
keyboard. Without sounding too ebayish, this is a one of a kind very
complete example of early computing.
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