RS6000 7012-320H

From: Hans Hübner <hans_at_Huebner.ORG>
Date: Sat Sep 29 15:16:50 2001

On Sat, 29 Sep 2001, Carlos Murillo wrote:

> This is a 320H machine; apparently, there are some real differences;
> for example, the 320 is 20MHz, the 320H is 25MHz; also, I think that the
> 320 did not include a scsi card in the default configuration.
> This does.

My 320 had an SCSI card and as the motherboard does not include any disk
interface, I doubt that there are many 320's without SCSI cards. As far as I
know, the only difference between the 320 and the 320H is the processor speed.
The 340, in contrast, includes on-board SCSI and Ethernet, has a faster
processor and - yeah! - standard DB25 serial connectors instead of the
proprietary jacks the 320 has. The 340 somehow looks like the 320 "done

> Oh. I wonder if a genuine DEC CDROM will work...

It will not work.


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