HDS(?) ViewStation Monitor

From: Blair J. Miller <millerbj_at_umich.edu>
Date: Sat Sep 29 16:55:21 2001

Okay, so I've been sitting here trolling the newsgroup ever since my last
post. I've read almost every post that drops into my mail-box - a lot of
questions I can't answer.

Anyway, I'd asked about an IBM PowerStation 530, and got a lot of responces,
and eventually got a cable (Thanks Peter, your check's going in the mail on
Monday) to make the 3 micro-BNC in DB housing output into a 3 BNC RGB
hookup. I went to the local place to look at crap, and found only one
monitor that has the three BNC hookups - it's an HDS ViewStation, with no
other real info on it... Will this work with the system? Anyone heard of
this thing before. Also, it's $50 - is that really a reasonable price or
should I try to talk him down?

If it helps, the diagrams next to the RGB hookups on the back of the monitor
showed a vertical arrow in next to the R and a horizontal one next to the B,
and nothing next to the green. This would lead me to believe that it syncs
vertical on Red and horizontal on Blue, which obviously won't work, but I
just want to make sure.

Thanks again for any and all help. If this monitor won't work, I'm gonna go
look again and see what sort of 5 BNC models I can find... I was told some
will work (Thanks Bennett).

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